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Ohio State woman’s basketball player Kelsey Mitchell is going Buckeye crazy.
If you watch the sport of women’s college basketball more than likely you’ll be seeing nothing but Uconn Huskies this and Uconn Huskies that. Deservedly so they’ve won 100+ straight games four straight national championships and a list of great players that have since been drafted to the WNBA. But none of the players on that list have done what Ohio State junior basketball guard Kelsey Mitchell has done. She scored 2000 points faster than any women in NCAA college basketball history. In the New York Times Gino Auriema Connecticut Huskies women’s basketball coach said

“She’s impossible to guard you saw that,” Auriemma also stated “There’s no shot that she can’t make, won’t take. She gets a head of steam up, forget it. You’re not going to stop her.” She’s been in the top five in scoring in all three seasons and the nation’s top scorer as a freshman. She is starting to draw comparisons to former Ohio State basketball player Katie Smith who is pretty much known as the best woman’s basketball player in Ohio State history. In theland10.com article Katie Smith said “We were both scorers and can both put up numbers. We could both pull up on the break and create our own shot,”I just did it in a different way. She has the ball more in her hands. She is more of a point guard and facilitates and dictates more.”.Kelsey is one final four appearance away from getting that title and it will be nothing better for her to lead Ohio State to victory over the UConn Huskies and snap their long standing winning streak. Other than her basketball skills she also gets raves about her competitive nature and leadership qualities from Ohio state basketball head coach Kevin McGruff saying “She thinks she has to do something to help us win. I guess that’s where I see her evolving with a little more understanding of exactly what we are doing. There’s a little bit more ability to dial in and focus on execution of the entire team and where everyone has to be. That’s where I think she is going to evolve here in the next two years, which may allow her to become the best player ever”.

As a young basketball player her and her twin Chelsea Mitchell grew up playing against her older brothers who happened to be twins as well and that molded her game and obviously prepared her to go up against the best of the best in Cincinnati where she grew up. Kelsey also has the benefit of Her father being an assistant coach for Ohio state. I’m sure Kelsey isn’t thinking about it right now but she will have a big decision to make after the NCAA tournament of whether she will enter the WNBA draft or come back for her senior season at Ohio State. A few WNBA mock drafts Have came out and CBSSports.com has Kelsey coming off the board at the sixth pick to the Washington mystics. CBSSports.com Howard Megdal recently stated ” It’s all gone Mike Thibault’s way this winter, so why not give the Mystics the steal of the draft? The guard with the highest ceiling in this group is Mitchell, already unguardable, working diligently at improving her skills at the point after six four-plus turnover games in her first 18 this season, she hasn’t had one such game in her past eight.” Kelsey definitely has the stats the back up her draft status here’s how she stands in scoring against the rest of the nations best – Women’s College Basketball 2016-2017 Player Scoring Statistics.

1 Kelsey Plum Washington Sr. 5-8 G 29 305 97 190 897 30.9
2 Jennie Simms Old Dominion Sr. 6-0 G 25 219 50 144 632 25.3
3 Precious Hall James Madison Sr. 5-8 G 26 202 84 126 614 23.6
4 Alexis Peterson Syracuse Sr. 5-7 G 27 213 71 136 633 23.4
5 Larissa Lurken Kent St. Sr. 5-9 G 26 164 53 223 604 23.2
6 Kelsey Mitchell Ohio St. Jr. 5-8 G 28 216 94 123 649 23.2

Kelsey Mitchell profile
Uniform #: 3
Height: 173cm / 5’8”
Position: Guard
Team: Ohio St. (USA) (2014-17)
Nationality: USA

Kelsey might not have the Proto typical WNBA measurable’s but she certainly has basketballs and leadership skills to be All-Star of the next level. In this upcoming NCAA tournament she will have the platform to show the scouts and WNBA owners and general managers that she is worth taking early in the draft. Last season she scored a the NCAA tournament 45 points in a single game which is the fourth most in women’s NCAA basketball history. I am fully confident that Kelsey Mitchell can take the Buckeyes deep in the March madness tournament this year. The formula to making it far in the NCAA basketball tournament is elite guard play and obviously Ohio State has that. By Kelsey being the point guard and having her hands on the wheel she sets the tone and tempo to be able to control the game at her pace and if she gets on a roll look out. This article is about Kelsey Mitchell having a great career at Ohio State but also at a time where NCAA women’s basketball is being dominated by one team, there’s a lot of talk of the sport being watered down or uninteresting. But if you play close attention there are other players and other schools besides the UConn Huskies who are making noise and great place in the women’s college basketball world. Big shout out to Kelsey Mitchell keep going Buckeye crazy.

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