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“Everybody create and stay consistent” – KMB

After a hiatus of 4 years, Magna Media Group brought back the Clash of the Titans and it did not disappoint.  In front of a packed crowd at Avalon, the best and brightest collection of producers Columbus has to offer spent a night performing head to head to see who would be crowned king.  A great night full of incredible moments, memorable battles, and multiple overtimes the energy was high and stayed there.  In the end, KMB came out on top but if I learned anything, it’s that Columbus is loaded with local talent, and we need more chances to highlight that talent.

Shout outs to the 614, this beat battle is stupid fire. #614 #music #clashofthetitanscolumbus

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The Winner

KMB – What an incredible night for the local producer.  30 seconds into his first beat, you could tell it would be a special night for KMB.  While all the producers had at least one great beat on them tonight, very few had multiple, and only one had the depth, technical ability, and cohesive sound. Throughout the night you never knew where KMB was going to bring you next.

The combination of his wavy, underwater vibe layered over his melodic yet hard hitting production had the judges on the edge of their seats and felt fitting for a party at Atlantis.  KMB has the originality and cohesive sound to make an impact on the greatest stage and the skills to back it.  Layering his own keys into his production, his obvious musical talent and execution of his vision made him the clear winner. He was also an easy producer to cheer for.  Razor focused on every beat he played, and not afraid to wear his emotion on his sleeve.

When he made it to the finals, you could tell that he knew he had accomplished something special, tapping his fist on the wall and hugging all his closest family and friends.  During our conversation after the show, he was humble in victory and appreciative of the opportunity to showcase his passion to his city. A musician since before 5 years old, and used to the stage, he was as excited as the first time.  Columbus should get used to hearing his name.

Runners Up:

Raiden – While KMB won by a large margin, the finals of the clash was closer than the score let on.  All night Raiden, while sticking to his own unique sound, was able to show all sides of his game.  Clearly influenced by trap, his menacing drawn out sound is reminiscent of producers like Metro Boomin and Pi’erre Bourne.

Big bass and a mixture of a rock and roll snare felt refreshing and unique, yet familiar and his technical skills were as good as there was.  One of his best moments was adding his own spin to the Weeknd’s “Sidewalks” that did not feel cheap or lazy, but authentic.

DreamCatchers – If you were looking for who had the most fun during The Clash, it was definitely this duo.  Their energy was infectious and they had the beats to back it up.  Taking a moment mid show to let everyone know they did not make it out of the first round last time, they showed their growth.

Getting the crowd into it from the beginning, they had the ear and technical skills to keep the crowd alive.  Their biggest fan of the night?  Chef CHICK, who asked them to be the soundtrack to her life.  While they almost rode their energy to the finals, they ultimately fell short.  No doubt we will be hearing more from this duo in the future.

Stunting Steve – Don’t let the score fool you, this man came with it tonight.  Coming way out of left field from the beginning and only faltering at the very end, Stunting Steve had a very distinct and unmatched sound.  With an influence that was hard to pin down, his production was incredibly clean production and originality were among the best of the group.

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