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Personal Sacrifice Is The Name Of The Job

Holidays come and people go out to celebrate, party, drink and socialize. Often they gather with their peers at bars or clubs to enjoy themselves, but very few actually know what bartenders go through to make sure their night is a success.  As bartenders, we take the time away from our families on special nights to help everyone else celebrate their time and it gets tough. You start to wonder if it’s even worth it, especially when people are rude and inconsiderate.

Most of us have families to take care of.  We choose to take time away from our loved one to take care of our customers. It’s a choice. Although it’s not something we have to do, when we are disrespected, and we absolutely are, we feel unappreciated. Customers from all over come out to enjoy their day or night and we are here to make sure they have a good time.

At the same time, we are also responsible for how drunk you get and how absurd or obnoxious you are by the time you leave. If we have to escort you out or call you transportation whether that be an Uber, taxi or whatever, we still are responsible.  Making sure you have a good time is part of our job but making sure you make it home safe is our priority. I don’t know if people think that we want them to get sick all over our venues or be disrespectful to our staff but we don’t. So when we offer you water, coffee or a transportation option it is to protect not only you but our staff too.

Bartenders Specialize In Customer Service

Going above and beyond is any customer service job description and bartending is no exception. It’s a necessity. Half the time we go out our way to make sure that customer is taken care of and we don’t even get a thank you let alone a tip, but let’s not make income the main point. For some bartenders, this may be is their only income but like I said before, it’s not only about money. As a career bartender, you will have slow days and that’s ok because it’s about the relationship you build with your team and your customers. This is a job that we love and we do it well.

We come into this industry knowing what this life is like and we still do it. We know that everyone does not understand or know what goes into bartending. And even though people don’t know what we do, we still go above and beyond knowing at any given night we will have an issue with a customer.

A Little Appreciation Goes A Long Way

We know that someone will take it upon themself to pee in the corner of the club instead of making their way to bathroom. We know that there is someone who will get sick at the bar or walk out on a tab. We know that we might walk out at night with little to nothing but we still come back because and we love it. A little more consideration is all we ask for. So when you go out on New Year’s Eve, 4th of July or any random day/night of the week, at least thank your bartender/s. Thank him or her for taking time away from their friends and families to make sure you have the best time, make it home safely, and that you leave satisfied.

Alot of people think that being a bartender is easy because “all you do is mix drinks” but there is so much more to it. I hope that this short column gave you some things to think about, that you hadn’t previously considered. As we bring in the New Year, I will be bringing you all “Confessions of a Bartender”. In my segment, I will let you into my world and tell you about all the crazy stories that we bartenders experience on the regular. My job is truly one, like no other. Cheers.

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