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GROOVE U has opened the doors of its studios to challenge student producers and local artists to record an EP within a 12 hour period.

Since February 19th, artists of all genres have been coming in and out of Groove U’s campus studios. Each musician is assigned a production team, who will then give them the unique and unforgettable experience of working in a professional studio. The 12 hours they are given, they can use however they want.  The music is then mixed by the students, and given to the artist to use however they choose to.

“We want to give back to the scene, and offer an opportunity that is usually pretty expensive.” Barrett Hoffman is one of the second years at Groove U. “An average studio will charge by the hour. “ There is absolutely no cost to this opportunity, apart from a $12 registration fee. “You could look at it as being a $1 per hour session.”  says Dino Capoccia,  another contributor to the project. “Our point isn’t to make money here, it’s to get ourselves and Columbus artists the experience we need to break out in the industry.”

The opportunity that Columbus artists have been given is one of a kind. At the end of the 9 week project, the Elementary Records producers will select up to 5 of the artists they worked with to perform at the final showcase on April 29th. At the same event, all other artists are welcomed back to receive and review their work with selected industry professionals, an idea spawned from seeing it at conferences like SXSW. “You go to SXSW and you are offered these demo listening sessions to review your work. I think it’s a cool idea to offer that to artists in Columbus,” says Luke Boyle, two-time SXSW attendee and 2nd year student.

“We ultimately want to prove ourselves in a professional platform, we’re not getting any help from teachers. And at the same time, help out the amazing artists we have here locally.” says Hoffman. “It’s a win-win situation for everyone, and a fantastic way to send off the students to real life situations.”

Columbus’ music career college, GROOVE U, is known to put their students to the test with real-life situations. Every Spring, the final capstone project class, called Music | The Finale, combines all the various disciplines the students have learned in their classes in their own unique way. “It’s meant to be something that’s just outside of the students’ reach,“ says GROOVE U Director, Dwight Heckleman. In the past, second year students would choose to have live event shows and even started up their own record label by the name of Elementary Records. That label is now passed down year-to-year to the incoming second year students and acts as the entity the finale class operates under.

Luke Boyle hopes that this year’s finale, Dusk2Dawn, will be one to be remembered. “If every one of the bands who’ve signed up so far records 5 songs each, that going to be a catalogue of 80 songs, recorded in just a couple months. I want to be able to look at that and say, ‘yeah, we did that.’ “

The Dusk2Dawn EP Release Show will be on April 29th on GROOVE U’s creative campus. Demo listening sessions (open to the public, seating limited) will begin at 12 PM, and doors for the concert will be 6:00 PM.

For more information on Dusk2Dawn, including how to participate as an artist or a fan, visit www.elementaryrecords.com


GROOVE U is a revolutionary two-year music business career program located in Columbus, Ohio. Led by 20-year music industry veteran Dwight Heckelman, GROOVE U focuses on a career-centered approach to learning developed by active industry professionals. The guiding philosophy of the program is that the music industry is creatively engaged, apprenticeship-based and relationship-driven. The full-time program offers small, personalized classes with both a broad, solid foundation and specialized areas of study in: live music, production, business, video and interactive. The school officially opened its brand new 30,000-square foot campus in September 2012, and is currently enrolling for Fall 2017.

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