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Dear Mama

There aren’t many cards that get it right and encompass the true essence of all that you do. You may get a
thousand texts and calls from loved ones sending love and gratitude your way and each will make you smile, but it still may not hit you. See while you’ve gotten used to sleepless nights and catching vomit in your hands, you may be immune to the thought of all you’ve sacrificed for the greatest job in the world. But here at Flypaper Magazine we want to let you know: We see you, we need you, and we love you.

You see? It’s because of you that this world continues to turn on its axis. It’s the love you exude and pour into the hearts of the children who will one day become or have already become people that will change the world. It’s the holding one child in your hands while you write your term paper, it’s the looking in the mirror and cringing at your stretch marks, it’s the way your bladder never returned to normal and how you still get back pains when it rains that people don’t see.

It’s the reality that 100% of the decisions you make could alter or affect the way your child grows and moves through this world down to timing a nap just so you can schedule a trip to the bathroom along. It’s the kisses, the tribulations, the overcoming adversity, the working two jobs and/or coordinating with dad which one of you will call off when your baby doesn’t understand what coughing and heaving is that we come to celebrate. Everyday is Mother’s Day. We love and appreciate all that you do 24/7 365. This issue is dedicated to you.

We see you.
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