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On October 25th, Columbus was treated to the first Clash Of The Titans producer showcase since 2014. Powered by FlyPaper and presented by Magna Media Group, the city showed up on a Wednesday night to hear 16 producers battle for the title of Columbus Clash champ.

Though there were quite a few worthy opponents, KMB took the final title in a mix of excitement and emotion from the crowd and the producer himself. Many producers brought beats, but KMB brought music.

In this Q&A, I talk to the champ about getting his start, producers getting more attention and what’s next for the talented producer.

To start off, why’d you get into producing? Was there a particular moment that you knew this was a career you wanted to pursue?

Well, I like to feel it was by accident, how I got into producing. One of my dad’s co-workers just randomly gave him a copy of FL Studio 7. He said, “Maybe your son might like it.” Long story short, he brings it home, shows me the software, and left to go to the gas station. When he got back I had my first song ready. I was 10 at the time and nothing has been the same ever since.

Talk to me about some of the first moments your music started getting wider play. Was there a particular track with an artist that got a lot of attention, or was there a slow build to getting to thousands of plays?

I started to notice a huge jump when I started collaborating and making a lot of relationships with other producers on Soundcloud. But it definitely wasn’t over night. I’ve been on Soundcloud since about 2013 and I didn’t hit a jump until about the end of 2015. I just always tell other producers to stay consistent and keep kicking out music. Let these other artists know how serious you are.

Can you talk to be about what it means to win Clash Of The Titans?

It means so much to me. Like, being around my circle and being able [to prove] myself in front of some serious talent, means the world to me! I cried after the semi-finals because all I could think of was the work and time I put in over 10 years. To hear the crowd roar when [they] called my name just made me feel so good. That was the win for me.

Do you feel that producers get the proper shine in the city? Should we do more events and spotlights on producers?

It’s getting better. What I think is killing the recognition is the producers who make music to flex or to be like someone they aren’t. Now I feel like events like The Clash definitely help. The Clash showcases some of the producers who take it seriously and who want to progress. But…I feel like I am different from everyone at [the] same time. The recognition I want is to be considered as an artist, rather than a producer. I want my music to speak to people without words. I know this is gonna be a hard thing to accomplish but I feel once I succeed, then it will shine a different light on what it truly means to be a producer.

I see you’re doing mixes left and right. What’s next for you, and what should we expect in 2018?

“Don’t Try This At Home” is next for me. It will be the best work I ever made in my life. I don’t want to get too much into it, but I hope it is done by the end of 2018. Other then that, progression, progression, progression. I want to continue to level up and inspire.

Listen to “Frequency” by KMB, a mix featured on The Session’s series, below.

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