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In a sea of people anxiously awaiting to buy new and used shoes, denim jackets embellished with Egyptian inspired art and some of the most popular local street wear brands, I found my way to Diamoni Davis, better know as Seven. With a skateboard inspired pop up scene created around a standard white table given to every vendor at the Arch City Street wear Flea Presented by Sole Classics, Seven brought his brand to life and many people to his table. His pop up styled setting including rusted railing housing his “Good Guys” logo and backed by a black graffiti wall. It showcased onsies of his new product and even more product on the table. And I can’t forget the floor covered with Backwoods rolling paper wrappers.

I had a moment to sit with Seven and pick his brain about Good Guys, right on the scene of his mini pop up. I wanted to know who the Good Guy really was.


Q: Why did you creat Good Guys?

A: “I created Good Guys for just me and my friends, like a household family name. It started as a skateboard and lifestyle brand, but we wanted to give back through events hence the “Good Guys”.

Now I have Compliment. I started meeting new people and going new places and I was designing things that didn’t fit into Good Guys. It’s a cheaper brand – more like street wear and Compliment is dark and high end, so I had to create some division.

“I’m very contradictive though, I make bad ass designs with a name like this.”

I was worried about the reception of Compliment because Good Guys is so affordable and Compliment is higher priced. So I’m not putting out a lot of product right now, I’m just kind of waiting to do the perfect pop up. ”

Q: Who would you like to collaborate with if you could?

A: “Aw man. Collabs? I’d definitely collab with Made and Nude Model. I have a great relationship with Tay and Trapper. Oh yeah and Sole Classics, I want to collab with them too. I want to involve so many other brands like Connect and Studio 103, I like their following and team members. I can’t forget about Off The Rope.”

 “I can’t say we’re doing the same ol’ same ol’, because we have to get better. I want to give back to the people in the city and work with people who are cool in the city. I want to be more consistent.

You know people think I hate everybody and I’m antisocial. So I’m going to be pushing more collabs and pop ups with Sole Classics. I want to work with more blogs and Fly Paper. It would be dope to do a Fly Paper event and design.

 “We need more love being shown.”

For Fall/Winter I will be creating a skate team and expect way more events from us.  Bobby Biz, OG Smoke and Taco, we’re pushing them hard for Good Guys. Yeah so just expect way more performances and events. “

Q: What’s next for you?

A: “In the next 3 years I want to get a store front on High Street.  I plan to travel to Miami, New York, L.A. and Chicago to build. I want my store to be a kick it for everybody. Just skateboarding, smoking weed and cigs and shit in the back. I want it to be a staple in the city, with other designers’ product in the store. Just real good energy.

“Come kick it and not even buy anything. It’s not for me, but for the city – for Ohio.”

Having a relationship with Trapper in the same market is dope. Me and Tay… we feed off of each others energy. If I get my big break he’s coming with me and vice versa. I remember when Tay didn’t make clothes and I inspired him and now he inspires me.”


Q: How is Compliment performing its debut?

A: “Compliments pre-sale went very well. I expect for everything not to do shit, so I’m not let down and whatever it does I’m grateful for it.  But I hate the turnaround time from overseas it takes so damn long. Compliment is in slow motion but it’s by choice.

Q: How do you determine who the good guys are?

A: “It’s important to keep a good team around you. People like to take credit and don’t do enough… who you see putting in work even though there’s people behind the scenes. It’s just all my closest friends.

You got Taco, OG Smoke, Bobby Biz, Chris Spain, Tay Adams, Scrilla, Blacc Mar, Trap Woody, Sour D, B-dub, Justin Howell – on scene and behind the scene people of course.”


Q: How do you separate your yourself from other brands deemed “skateboard brands”?

“(laughs) The average person that buys shit doesn’t even skateboard. I create and put myself in a creative space of skateboarding and hip hop. Like Supreme has skateboard roots, but they’ve collabed with Louis Vuitton, Bape, Nike and Champion. It’s the same approach for Good Guys.

“Good Guys is a brand for humanity, but we have a grimy, grungy, fuck everything vibe because that’s how the world is.”

We design based on that even though we’re good guys and want to see good in the world. We just go fucking hard and we love what we do. In 50 years I hope I’m designing with the shift of the world.”

Find Seven’s brand at here.

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