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Been wrong my whole life, mother f—–, time to right us. – Kale Da Que, Right Us ft. Kashis Keyz

There is a Starstrukt Ambassador who has been quietly putting out heat and working his tail off. He’s been seen performing everywhere from Free Love to 2×2 Fest while also releasing four projects and upwards of forty songs over approximately two years. Oh, and he’s also a college graduate.

His name is Kale Da Que.

There’s a quiet confidence about Kale, and it’s evident physically, even in that tell-tale sideways smirk. If you listen closely, you can often even hear it in his delivery. This is accompanied by a quiet swagger and a sure step, and though you may not be used to seeing him center stage yet, he is surely poising himself for longevity. On top of that, the caliber of talent is high and consistently improving.

Why can’t I walk with a limp, mamma? – Kale Da Que, Section 8

Kale uses situational narrative to illustrate trains of thought or frame of reference for how the young man’s upbringing combined: a combination of high-level education as well as street smarts both mold him; at times the two lines of thought can be found warring with each other.

The level of education is clear in the writing. The structure is clear and concise, with an understanding of theory giving a solid backbone or his narrative. This is an essential piece that anchors the music, since the situations surrounding the narrative can often be chaotic.

Kale isn’t afraid to tackle hard topics, speaking on serious situations in his own family and in the city through songs like Section 8. The chorus alone, in the first two bars, tackles the idea of the overwhelming stress of enduring an inspection to keep receiving assistance before school in the morning. Stress makes anyone just want a reprieve, to have some fun, especially a youth, but now he’s thinking about how he’s squandered money that should be saved. We haven’t even gotten into the struggle with school in the second half of the chorus, or the subsequent verses.

Section 8 inspection got you cleaning up your mamma house, at the last minute. Save your money, you gonna need it, but what we do, go and spend it. – Kale Da Que, Section 8

Meanwhile, other songs, such as About You take a softer turn, showing Kale reflecting and even crooning to his lover as he expresses the ways he wants to love and commit to her.

Just know that we got it, f…k what they tell us. Putting you first, then coming in second, God gave you to me, take it that you’re a blessin’. – Kale De Que, About You

You almost miss how intricate the music and message is on the first listen. The delivery is so calm and conversational most of the time, that one could almost perceive it as lax. Once you lock in, though, you hear how the lyrics almost always match the hard hitting style of drum he frequently chooses for his beats.

When you’re faced with man doubters boy, just be about it boy, they count you out, but know those people bad at countin’. – Kale Da Que, Lonzo Ball

I don’t mean to put the man’s instrumental choice in a box. Plenty of songs, such as Land of the Forgotten, have instrumental composition that stretches across the boundaries of many genres. He often uses seemingly real personal stories as the conduit to share the message and purpose that the experience intended for him or his character. It feels as authentic as they come. Do your own research and take a good listen. We provided numerous links below to get you started.

He just recently released his visual for the single Right Us featuring fellow StarStrukt ambassador Kashis Keyz, shot by Ninevibez. Watch the video and check out some of his other music below.

Kale Da Que on Social Media


Right Us – Kale Da Que ft Kashis Keyz, shot by Ninevibes

Kale Da Que – Section 8

Kale Da Que – Foodstamps for Thought

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