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FlyPaper Jenna
Jenna Taylor is the assistant editor of FlyPaper, as well as a freelance food and nightlife writer for the Columbus area. Professionally she works with Local Matters through Americorps Vista on projects specific to food security in Franklinton. Jenna has also done writing for  Columbus Underground, Columbus Wired, and Columbus Messenger. She is a passionate native to the city and cares about increasing the culture through strong journalism.

FlyPaper BriBri Jackson is a 25-year-old, multimedia journalist, from the south side of Columbus. She graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications & Media Production before attending the Ohio Media School. From writing short stories as a small child to writing articles about aspiring artists following their dreams, her pen has always been her foundation. She joined FlyPaper Magazine to showcase the greatness and hidden wonders of the Black community in Columbus and grow its voice. Encouraging unity by highlighting and bringing awareness to social issues, supporting local entertainment and artists, and simply maintaining integrity are what shape her passions.

FlyPaper AlieaAliea Moore was born and raised in Cleveland but currently works as a Fellow for the Ohio House Minority Caucus. She wanted to be a part of FlyPaper because it acts as a bullhorn for people using their voice that society won’t stop to hear. She enjoys spreading awareness around key issues such as equal rights and injustices, and game changers within the minority communities. She has always enjoyed writing, and she felt Flypaper offered her a platform to shift the social consciousness within the same urban communities that made her who she is today. Aliea is also responsible for originating the #FlyPaperWCW.

FlyPaper CoureyCourey McLemore currently works in retirement counseling as well as at Alfred Angelo as a bridal Stylist. She’s also a personal stylist and personal shopper and runs a personal style blog by the name of Courdination.com! She believes FlyPaper Magazine is the beacon for urban culture in Columbus, Ohio. She loves being a part of the publication because FlyPaper stands for strengthening and putting Columbus “on”, as the city has a lot to offer. She’s passionate about fashion, blogging, and writing, in general. Essentially, she wants to conquer the world by any means necessary.

FlyPaper Amirah

Amirah Adams is a bi-coastal writer who calls Columbus home. She is a Bowling Green State University Alum and a San Francisco State University Masters student. Writing for FlyPaper gives her the opportunity & platform to indulge in and express her interests, primarily music & pop culture.

FlyPaper Keisha

Keisha Lige-Steele is a writer, creator, and yogi, but most importantly, she is the sun and inspiration of FlyPaper. Recently featured as the FlyPaper WCW, Keisha not only inspires the communities that she floats in but also the entire FlyPaper staff. Every day she strives to preserve not only the people but the culture. She works for the Harmony Project, where they strive to bring people together regardless of religion, ethnic background or social economic standing, bridging the gap between people and their differences.  It is her goal to make sure every part of her life looks like that. She loves being a part of Flypaper because it is a gateway and an opportunity to tell and share the stories of the community that she is so indebted to.

FlyPaper Brooke

Brooke Butler is a Digital Assistant at the DCCC where she uses online advocacy and fundraising to support Democrats in Congress. Her belief in the political process drives her to analyze and inform her community via Flypaper Mag. In her spare time, she practices yoga, adds books to her Amazon wish list and posts homemade dishes to Instagram.

FlyPaper Nichole

Nichole is a student at Ohio University, studying Journalism, Visual Communications, African American Studies, and Social Media. She is the newest writer for FlyPaper and joined the team because she loves Columbus and wants to know more about it, not only for herself but also for the city. She loves hip hop and Twitter.

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