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When Fabby Rotten put out “The Art Show” in the early 2010s, it helped to shape my view of Columbus and raised my standards for the type of music that come out of the city. The only thing stronger than his wordplay was the conviction in his message. From the opening skit, Fabby compares himself to GOAT mc’s like Tupac, and then presents art that lives up to his hype.

Over the years, I’ve watched Fabby grow as an artist, evolving into a legend in his own right. He sat down with me for this rare interview, where he talks about everything from how he started rapping, to the role of black people in rock music, to what inspires him to make what he makes. He calls himself the King of Pretty Pink Punk Rap Grunge. I call him one of Columbus’ greatest secrets. By the end of this interview, you will call him interesting, if nothing else.

Check out Fabby Rotten’s story, in his own words.

Malcolm “EhKees” White, Director of FlyPaper

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