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Columbus continues to grow and improve in its pursuit of becoming one of the best cities in the world for young professionals. Recently, Columbus has been recognized as the 7th Best City for Young Professionals, one of the Top 3 Best Cities for Black Owned Small Businesses, Top 3 “Best City for Millennials”, and #1 Startup City in America. With all of the advancements taking place in the city, it is always exciting to see what new ventures may come to be. FlyPaper Magazine had the honor of sitting down with CEO Rashad Mosely, Ice Cream Rollery, on the day of the business’ soft opening in order to inquire about what steps were taken in the creation process, potential goals for the business, hardships that were encountered, and more…

FPM: What led you to pursue a career in ice cream?

Rashad: It all started when my wife and I took a trip to Puerto Rico early 2017. We were on a tour bus and happened to see a sign in front of a store that said “Ice Cream Rolls”. It sparked our interest so we ventured in, placed our order, and once we saw the process of how it was made we knew we had to bring it back to Ohio!

FP: Why rolled ice cream as opposed to regular ice cream

Rashad: Its 2018, who scoops anymore?

FP: How would you describe the process of getting the ball rolling, or in this case ice cream? Were there any hardships involved? If so, what?

Rashad: One of the biggest hardships was having a product that is fairly new in the US. Since we have to use machines that are only manufactured in China and many local health departments are just now finding out about rolled ice cream, we went through a lot to get our plans approved.

FP: What are your goals for the business?

Rashad: I think every town deserves an Ice Cream Rollery. That would be my ultimate goal.

FP: From a business aspect, is there anything that you have learned, that you wish you knew in the beginning of the creation process?

Rashad: Luckily, I also own a photography business that has been running for the past 5 years. So much of the business side of things I already knew. However, being an employer and having this many employees was something I had to learn.

FP: What advice would you give someone who aspires to open their own business?

Rashad: My advice would be to find a mentor, somebody who has already accomplished what you are venturing into. It’s priceless!

Ice Cream Rollery provides a unique, upbeat, and innovative new way to serve ice cream which will not disappoint. Be sure to stop in and enjoy exclusive rolls with a plethora of flavor choices.


Ice Cream Rollery

8073 E Broad St, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068



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