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In the midst of all of the YOLO’s, “I’m about that life”, and “I don’t give a f#@&” do we ever take time to think about just how much impact that train of thought will have on our lives?  It comes out of our mouths so freely and quickly and for almost any situation.  The term “I don’t give a f#@&” is such a staple in the hood that it is used for almost any circumstance.  You are about to spend your last dollars on something you shouldn’t spend on, what do you say, “I don’t give a f#@&!”  You want people to be scared of you and think you are crazy so they will leave you alone or fear you, what do you say “I don’t give a f#@&!”  Whenever we don’t want to be the better person we know we can be what do we say, “I don’t give a….” well you get the point.

I recently heard a message on a rapper’s album.  And just like some of my previous rants, I find it refreshing to see that beyond all of the ignorance some artists push, promote, and praise, the new generation does have some sense of right vs. wrong and they do recognize that the so called “Hood” or “Street” life is toxic to our people.  One of my favorite examples has been Kendrick Lamar’s song “Kush & Corinthians” off of his album Section 80 (Take a listen HERE).  But like I said I came across these lyrics the other day check it out…

“…People be out here running around on they bull$#!%…talking about ‘you only live once’ (YOLO) and they ‘turnt up’ and all that like it justifies making the choices that they can’t take back. You gotta make the best of all circumstances and stand up like a character.  Be the parents we wish we had and the children we want to produce.  Every decision affects us in the long run.  We say I don’t give a f#@& now but we suffer later.  We all gotta answer one day…this life or the next.  I suggest we make it worth it and make our demonstration one we don’t regret…no excuses.  It’s true that we DO only live once so we got one chance to do this right.  I ain’t never been to a funeral and they been like ‘this n!@@a a monster, foul, scandalous’ or none of that. But we know the truth and we ain’t getting away with nothing.  People say ain’t nobody perfect but that don’t mean we shouldn’t strive for perfection.  Whatever you do, do it right, within the end it will never be the same…”

(From Ty Dolla $ign “Wood & Leather”)

This young man’s message should be felt by anyone who understands growing up in the ghettos and the obstacles that stand in your way of freedom of mind.  What seems to empower us is really imprisoning our minds.  Think about what you are really saying before you utter those infamous 5 words. #IMJUSTSAYING

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