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(J): J. David
(KK): Kashis Keyz


J:             Tell me about the architecture of the project, how many people worked on it, how long, how it came together, etc.


KK:         David from Dreamcatchers found a hotel being renovated so we dressed up in painting suits and masks and we were able to take a couple pictures before we got kicked. We found another one two or three miles from it and were taking pictures in some of the rooms, and the feeling I got—

the vibe the place gave off was young and restless. So that’s where the cover comes from. Four of us worked on it- David, Rizo (DC), Tony (Oui good), and myself went back and forth for about a week on the cover adding texture and filters and stuff until it came out the way we wanted it.



J:             Now the actual music of it, the young and restless, you definitely did a good job of capturing the angst of so many people, especially our age, where so many are trapped in this repetitive cycle of being part of the machine and it’s about the money and success and trying to find purpose in the work and when they feel unfulfilled, there’s obviously a lack that they need to either fill or find a way to ignore and that’s when they turn to coping methods like the ones you’ve laid out on the tracks. The whole dichotomy is that you’re young with so much potential but aren’t finding any meaning and I think you did a really good job of capturing that, but I want to know where did the idea come from to make this the focal point of a project?


KK:         I was supposed to release a project in March that never came out. Mostly because I just wasn’t ready to talk about myself on that level, I wasn’t ready to be that vulnerable. The title was called accident child and it was about my relationship with my mother and father. I did one live show of it and it was too much personally for me to be able to release that but I feel like in writing it I was able to make amends with my past, my broken and failed relationships, and it really put me in the right headspace to be able to write “Young and Restless.” If anybody had heard accident child, this would be a part two kind of thing. It’s where I was, it’s where I am- it’s a realization that I am young and restless. And we all turn to different things- money, sex, drugs, alcohol, there’s so many vices that people turn to, and I turn to them as well. It’s something I feel is gonna be really relatable to people because it’s real life, it’s something I know for a fact you can experience because I experience it every day.



J:             Are you still looking for purpose in your own life?


KK:         Yes, most definitely. I still have self-esteem issues, I still question things that I do, still wonder if success is something that I deserve given shit that I’ve done. But at the end of the day we’ve all got our paths and our walks and our journeys and I’ve come to grips with the fact that this is mine, this is my reality. And if this is my passion and my gift I need to make something of it and be able to touch people, and that’s what I’m trying to do.



J:             You did a really good job collaborating on the project, it felt so open, so inclusive. You were obviously the focal point but you left so much room for other personas and people to come in and do their thing on a track- like on Y&R with ‘Twan.


KK:         That’s what I wanted for the whole thing. Not just for the other collaborators but for the listeners to. I wanted this to be something you could live with, for example- if you’re in the mind-state where you’re about to drink your sorrows away, you’re gonna go and listen to Y&R. If you’re money-hungry at the time No Hablo is gonna be the one you listen to. If you’re enraged you’re gonna listen to Raw. I tried to paint that type of picture- I actually have two words associated with each song.

Feel like:              Defiance = recklessness

Y&R:                      alcoholism = depression

What a life:         overindulgence = confusion

Steppin stone:   jealousy = envy

No hablo:            greed = violence

Raw:                      anger = rage

And when you’re young and restless, rage can lead to death.

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