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Review by: Vida Michelle / Contact: mividamichelle@gmail.com –

Hosted by: DJ Dommy Styles & Stowe Show –

This week, one of (614)’s finest; DJ Dommy “Huge Deal” Styles presents his latest project, The Conflicted Countdown. I have to admit watching the half hour debut web episode took me to a happy, familiar place.

Do you remember hurrying home, turning on the TV and waiting for Yo! MTV Raps to come on? Or how about Rap City? I do. Those shows, much like The Conflicted Countdown have more to offer than just videos. Watching those shows and spending that time was almost like visiting your favorite friend’s house.

Staying true to the game, Dommy Styles & Co-Host Stowe Show mix it up and manage to bring it back and then front. The Conflicted Countdown is not just a simple, predictable countdown; it is an all inclusive Hip Hop culture filled, video commentary and countdown. Dommy Styles & Stowe Show invite you to come over, stay for a little while and check out the latest videos, the hottest spots around town and join the discussion — because if you’re like me, you will be laughing at and talking to the TV.

The difference between The Conflicted Countdown and all of the other shows you may see out now is simple, and made known in the title. It is “conflicted”, only because this production is not just about one style or one genre. This show includes a diverse selection of music and a variety of topics. Let’s just say a lot of ground gets covered quickly.

When watching, expect the unexpected; The Conflicted Countdown does not follow the rules. During the show you can truly have your cake and start out with a Mary, Mary video and then feel like you get to eat it too, when ending with a Rihanna video.

Check out DJ Dommy Styles and Co-Host Stowe Show on DVMarketing.com every Wednesday for a new episode of The Conflicted Countdown, now that’s Dope!


The Conflicted Countdown, Episode 1.


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