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Written by Vida Michelle Contact mividamichelle@gmail.com –

This week Columbus Ohio native, Hafrican dropped the highly anticipated video for his single “Underground Madness.”

The video is an accurate reflection of what you have come to expect from Hafrican; original, creative ideas manifested through words, music and a visually delicious display of Hip Hop.

Hafrican is well versed on The Underground and much more, having done national shows in the company of names such as: Wiz Khalifa, Talib Kweli, Kendrick Lamar, Joel Ortiz, Blue Print and Stalley. In 2014, Hafrican continues with not only his new video but an upcoming performance opening for Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs this month at Skully’s.

Want to know more about Hafrican? Check his credentials, upcoming performance info and the “Underground Madness” video below:

About Hafrican –

“Birthed from an evil resident of an abandoned Umbrella Corp. lab, 2 miles underground, somewhere in the midwest, Hafrican arose. After the madness surrounding the destruction of corporate hiphop via the internet, Hafrican was raised by Oompa Loompas in an attempt to put back the “Wily Wonka” in music. To counter the evil, he was injected with “the secret of the ooze”, Mitch Hedberg’s reality, Dolemite’s character and one Andre the Giant sized, glass half full!

Now as a full-grown music mutant, even producing his own beats in Dexter’s laboratory, Hafrican teams up with underground legend Copywrite of MHz, to burn all roofs down!! With rage against any man or machine who tries to stop the madness, Hafrican and Copywrite scream, “I love it underground!”

Underground Madness –

Upcoming Event:

Layzie Bone

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