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Two years ago, Jerreau dropped his debut album Never How You Plan, home of the Lebron-endorsed single “Really Got It” that served as a theme song for the Cav’s first championship. The album is special to me for a couple reasons, (the least of which is that the first bars of the album give a shoutout the area of town that I grew up on).

On top of the incredible production that makes listening such a pleasant experience, Jerreau was dropping a lot of knowledge on the album. I’ve lived with NHYP for the last two years and the lyrics throughout the project have served to be very impactful.  It was appropriate when he said “these are just my little rules, my how to’s” because Jerreau is one of my most quoted artists, only behind Kanye, Jay Z and Drake.

I tell all of my guys that they should study the messaging in this project because of the mindset that he’s introducing. He talks about everything relevant in a young black man’s life: race relations, dating and women, money and success, ambition and loyalty to the home city, and hella more.

To honor the two-year anniversary, I’ve compiled some of my favorite lessons and quotables from the album. I bolded the ones that I REALLY rock with.

You can also listen to the whole album on any streaming platform: Apple Music, TIDAL Spotify.

These Are Just My Little Rules, My How To’s

Persevere | Born and raised in Columbus, A product of the Southside/800 South Champion, that’s where I learned not to die. 

Persevere | How you raise your gun, before you raise your fist?/But how you raise your fist, before you raise your voice?/You ain’t a man you a boy!

Persevere | When you chasing a dream, you miss out on some shit/It’s like three or four girls I could have settled down with/But fuck it, I’ll be that nigga that you never forget/And you love it, I’m still that nigga, don’t you ever forget

Really Got It | I really do, I really got it. Aint no secret, if I did it, I had to do it.

Really Got It | I’m everywhere, I just didn’t get no pics off/You was there, shit you saw me get my shit off

Really Got It | Oh, oh you heard about it?/Damn these niggas love to gossip

Really Got It | It’s muscle memory to us now/Before I was up, I had to stay down

Really Got It | I’m inspired by everything you don’t see/Real Niggas Do Real Things

Hunt & Trap | I wasn’t underrated, nigga, I was over-looked

Hunt & Trap | Never happens how you plan, it’s never told how it happens

Hunt & Trap | I’m one of the greats, I shoot make it, hand in my face

Make A Play | I had to run up the floor, I had to hustle/I had to stop fucking with ya’ll, I had to mature/I had to start saving some more/So I had to start making some more

Make A Play | You don’t know how I did it cause I did it with out ya’ll/You wasn’t there! No, you wasn’t involved

Make A Play | All my niggas believers/I don’t need no more people

Make A Play | First they love you then hate you, then they love you again/The same ones burning your jersey the same ones cheering again

Looking For Something | They never hit me up then say “you never keep in touch”/It’s a two-way street I don’t want to always feel like we catching up

Looking For Something | Spinning out of control, Jesus take the wheel/The wound is too deep to heal, it hurts me still/I’m drinking distilled, for keeping it real

Looking For Something | I know I sold myself short but damn them women was fine/Memories don’t lie we had a hell of time

Looking for Something | That’s shallow but every end of my pool ain’t deep

Love For You | Every nigga ain’t hating and all the bitches don’t love it/And everybody don’t love you

Love For You | It’s not all about money they couldn’t stay down if you paid em/So do what’s best for the team sometime you sign and you trade em

Love For You | Problem with loyalty they all got they own definition

Love For You | I left the city, you think they forgot about me?/You think that they know that I had to leave?/You think they rooting for me?/You think they checking for me?/You think they know I know it’s them and not me?

Love For You | Everybody stay scheming, that’s what I always stay plotting

Love For You | For the Same reasons niggas hate niggas got love for me/And that’s okay with me I can’t make them love me

Love For You | Now I remember there’s nothing promised here I had to go get it/Something meaningful something consistent

Love For You | Did some things that we can’t walk back/You Said some things that you can’t take back/Words matter you should care more about em

The Flow | I sound pretentious/But you got to be specific bout your intentions

The Flow | If I miss you I’ll tell you, don’t ask I might lie

The Flow | Vibe with me, vibes don’t lie

The Flow | Miss me with that, “I need you to need me”

The Flow | It’s not because I don’t know its cause I don’t care

The Flow | Unless they tell you the only one, presume that you’re not/And just because you start, don’t presume it will stop

Come Over | I don’t remember much, but I’ll never forget it

Come Over | I wasn’t looking for it, But I’m not running from it

Come Over | Got a grown man crushin like in high school/I’m older now, more mature, I move different

Come Over | Come as you are, but leave different/But when you go, don’t go missing

Come Over | She at the crib cuz I never tried to get her to the crib

I Got You| Put her on to some good music and she’ll never forget, uhh/They remember how you made them feel, yeah/They just want something they can feel/They not used to having something real/And I ain’t talking nails or extensions I swear

I Got You | It’s always the ones you want who can’t give you what you want/That just means you wanted more, the hell you chasin’ it for?

I Got You | Some say I play it safe, shit, maybe I is, but my success to fail ratio is better than his

All NightI do everything but not anything for the check

Champagne | Chew with your mouth closed, they will steal your food/They will take your culture, then sell it right back to you/Then shoot you/You got to pay funeral cost too

Hold It Down | They always want to chill, chill don’t get you paid/When the shit pop off, being cool don’t get you saved

Hold It Down | Pull up your pants, talk like them, go to school/You still a nigga in a coupe, they killed M.L.K. in a suit

Hold It Down | To the victor goes the spoils, and I’m winning/I ain’t never had much but I had my way with these women

Hold It Down | A nigga start feeling himself then lose touch

Hold It Down | I’m not a fan of niggas saying what they want/Then using ‘it’s my opinion’ as a crutch/I’m like fuck your opinion very much

Hold It Down | I’m really out here like it’s really just me/She text “how is it there?” I said there’s music and drinks/What more do you need? But they always want more

Hold It Down | I’m laying the pipe, I’m building tonight, I got to get right/All this stress and strife, fighting all of my life

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