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Columbus musician KMB released an incredible new EP today. There’s no fair way to describe the genre of the project. In his words, you can classify it as “instrumental, vibes, kinda trapish but with instrumentation. Smooth…Im all over the place.” Vibes is right. Put the Team Members Only EP on at work and let the vibes wash over you.


The concept behind Team Members Only is the life of working retail. This whole project is a shift at work, staring with “clock in” (the intro) and “clock out” (the outro). This whole day at work turns out to be a dream, and ends with me waking up and having to go to work once again, making this a cycle. This project includes voice memos in between songs of myself working at my job. My message behind this EP is that there is a lot of people who hate working, especially people who have dreams, like myself. But you have to do it because you need money. You wanna leave but you simply can’t at the moment.

Hear more KMB on his SoundCloud and stay stuck to the FlyPaper listen tab for more music.

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