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Something happened overnight.

You may have noticed your favorite artist changing their profile picture on Twitter to an aquamarine-blue and tweeting #TIDALforALL last night. Hip Hop mogul Jay Z is behind it. Over the weekend, industry media outlets were alerted to the oncoming relaunch of his recently acquired streaming service TIDAL.

On it’s service, it appeared to be just another player coming to an increasingly crowded market. Spotify has a corner on music streaming and Google Play Music is a viable player too. Apple’s acquisition of Beats Music pretty much guarantees that consumers can see iPhone/iTunes integration in the near future.

What makes TIDAL stand out, is the outpouring of major artist support. As demonstrated below, the service has the endorsement of some of music’s biggest stars across genres already, from Taylor Swift to Rihanna, Kanye West and Madonna.  Speculation has led many to conclude that the service will be more fair to artist and the money will flow directly to their pockets in greater shares.

Also rumored are exclusive releases playing only on TIDAL’s platform before they are distributed to competitors. Depending on the names behind these exclusives, this could be a game changer. One speculated project (a joint album by a certain power couple who may or may not be the owners of TIDAL) alone could show just what a force the new platform can be.

Early reviews of the service also show that the music streamed through TIDAL are of such a hi-definition that you can hear with clarity every sound in the studio. While that’s sure to get audiophiles excited, some are skeptical that it justifies the price tag. TIDAL’s HiFi service is going at a rate of $20 a month. Recently unveiled was a premium service that competes with Spotify, Google Play, Beats Music and other streaming companies. We’ll get all the same content and exclusives for $10.

Kanye West, Rihanna, J. Cole, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Daft Punk and more are owners. Game changing?




Source: Missinfo.tv | wearemusic.tv

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