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Devin XO has been on, a reminder that floats throughout his sextet debut EP ‘Journey to Paradise’. With glowing production and feel-good content, Devin XO is in a lane of his own, introducing eclecticism to the Columbus rap scene.

Opening with ‘Grown Up’, Devin XO explains that he’s in an upper echelon musically: “rhythm just take me away, music just take me away”. Even with conviction and bravado in his tone, Devin XO is relatable while embracing his individuality. With choppy rhyme play and a production transition looping into the hook of the closer song ‘ON!’, Devin loops his message of positivity and being a “sonic hippie”.

While ‘Journey to Paradise’ is Devin XO’s first EP, he has mastered the art of variation. Each song relays topics of discrimination (‘Priviledge’), self-love (‘Skyline’) and liberation (‘Come Around’). Devin XO is the burst of energy that listeners can enjoy during trying times.

Sharing rhymes with Ohio natives Sarob. and Bizz, Devin XO continues his spirited appeal, even syncing his rhyme pattern with featured artists. ‘Lovely Interlude’ features songbird Shonda Holman, who’s echoed coos are reminiscent of Coco O. of Quadron.

Devin XO’s strongest track is surely his grand closing ‘ON!’ in which he assures listeners that this is their anthem as he flutters upon the jolting production.

With refreshing quality, Devin XO is unapologetically himself. At times, his lyrics can be conventional, but he makes up for it with his confident flow and spiritedness. On ‘Journey to Paradise’ Devin XO ventures upon a quest to being extraordinary.

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