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“Singing allows me to be someone that I always wanted to be.”

My interview with singer-songwriter Miir has been a long time coming, at least for me. My introduction to her voice, as I’m sure is the case for others, was her debut project Reminiscent Vibes, a 6-track EP full of songs to not give a fuck to. Months later, I ended up randomly walking up to her at an album release show to gush about her voice and ask her for an interview. And then, as FlyPaper geared up to interview all 6 members of the music collective Rawest 4mation, the stars apparently aligned.

Miir’s voice is old school, or “vintage soul” as she tells it. With a jazzy vocal cadence similar to an Amy Winehouse that at the same time is incomparable, who wouldn’t want such a unique voice? But for Miir, a music scene dominated by “pretty” voices had her second guessing and wanting to be like “everybody else” from a young age. “I still struggle with it sometimes…I can’t really sing like some of the greats or whatever, but I’m not claiming to be the best,” she says. “I’m just here with what God gave me.”

Miir first started to broadcast her voice after the urgings of a rapper friend. She met Ron Phoenix while working at Abercrombie, and knew he made music and was starting to put it out online. She had this song that she recorded with her cousin at a friend’s studio, and she played it for him, along with other music she had written. He told her people needed to hear her songs and that she needed to release them, but she didn’t take him seriously. It wasn’t until one summer hanging around her musical friends that she finally decided to put herself out there.

Now, Miir is well sought after. She’s currently in three collectives: Sanlot came first, after she did her first show at one of their events; She joined Rawest 4mation just earlier this year, after a run in with TrigNO at a Pipeline show in the Spring; and Give Love, the collective that features singer Diamond Browne and rapper Bizz, similarly came after a run in with it’s frontman DevinXo.

Miir was already a fan of TrigNO, and in meeting him she found he was a fan of hers as well. She hadn’t dropped Reminiscent Vibes just yet, but Trig was already familiar with her voice and wanted to collaborate on a song for his project. After showing him some of the songs to be featured on the EP, he asked her to join the collective, and she said sure.

That’s how many collective invitations and collaborations go for Miir. She’s often honored and excited to be working with other artists who approach her as fans. This has her saying yes to everyone, even as she’s booked a show nearly every weekend and works on seven collaborations simultaneously.

One recent collaboration that I love is the track she did with Greg Owens on his album Eclectic Soul, called “Come Fly With Me.” Producer duo The Dreamcatchers called her up and said she’d be perfect for it. That night, she wrote her part then and there. “I write music by myself, and I do a lot of freestyling, then I’ll go back and change what I need to,” she says while describing her shyness in those moments. “I think I sat there for 45 minutes like, ‘Oh my god, I don’t want to sing this out loud.’ I don’t like people hearing me mess up. [But] I was just like fuck it, I’m just going to sing it.”

You meet me and I’m kind of quiet and relaxed, but then you hear my music and it’s like, ‘Whoa, where did that come Miracle come from?’

Despite being in high demand, she’s working on a late November/early December project release. She tells me not to laugh as she reveals the name of the project, Miirology 101. Maybe she considers the title to be a little corny or on the nose, but in listening to her describe her vision for the project, inspired by her own duality, her intentions are thoughtful and meticulous. Her debut showcased Miir, her savage, DGAF side, but she says Miirology 101 is set to be the “study of Miracle,” her shy, introverted other half.

Reminiscent Vibes…they weren’t really personal songs, they were songs that people could relate to. Not really how I was feeling,” she says. “But these songs on this project are going to be a little more personal. I want this project to be more about the study of Miracle. So my songs are going to be more to what goes on in my head.”

Right now, Miir’s head is full of aspirations. Though she once second guessed her abilities, her music has now become the catalyst for goals toward entrepreneurship and humanitarianism. “This is just a stepping stone for me,” she says. “I see myself doing a lot. More than music, but music being the main reason I do everything else.”

Listen to Miir’s latest, “Always Be Fly,” below. And keep a look out for Miirology 101 later this year.

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