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MUD, SWEAT, & TEARS! You see that group of people in that picture.  That is the look of determination on our faces.  Actually that is the look of relief that we actually made it through the Warrior Dash 5k obstacle course.  The FlyPaper team and the Warhol & WALL ST.  team braved the course over the weekend and we all made it across the finish line (we almost lost some people but they pressed through the pain).


If you want to know what the Warrior Dash is click HERE.  The Warrior Dash took place Saturday and Sunday, putting good use to a ski facility and it’s huge rolling hills.  The 5k-run/obstacle course is organized as a fundraiser for St. Jude and people from all over the country travel to the Warrior Dash to test their metal for a good cause.


Now when we first signed up to run this crazy course we had no clue what we were in for.  We thought we were training just right for the event by running long distance, doing high intensity exercises, & lifting weights but quickly into the race we realized none of that training meant anything!


We entered the Warrior Dash grounds totally green to what the experience was all about.  But it doesn’t take long for one to notice that this race attracts everyone from fitness fanatics to costumed couples. It doesn’t matter who you are when you enter the race because at the end you are all mud people.  There was a live band, a great DJ, food vendors (including a tent selling HUGE turkey legs straight up Viking style), interactive displays, and more.  I got excited about the national guards punching bag challenge (and I almost got the high score, I could’ve beat it if I kept trying, no seriously I could’ve).


After doing a quick stretch and warm-up we walked up to the starting line.  Adrenaline pumping, people screaming, and fire shooting into the air, the horn sounds and we all take off running.  I remember feeling really good starting the race.  I moved forward looking at our course straight ahead in the distance and I remember thinking to myself “this is going to be a good run if I can keep this pace up.  Then out of nowhere we see a sign with an arrow that directed runners to go left.  I then thought, “What happened to the trail ahead of us?  Wait, we’re not going straight?” As we turn left we look ahead and we see a dirt, mud, and rock filled semi-trail tracing a path up an incredibly steep hill, which looked as if it touched the sky!  We started jogging up the hill and about 20 steps into it I thought “why are my legs hurting already?  I can’t stop…we just started…everyone will laugh…we’re already in the back…we can’t be out of this race already” Then I looked up and noticed everyone in front of us and behind us had begun walking.  I quickly understood that that everyone had a long race in front of them.


It’s safe to say that an hour and a half later, after mountainous hills, pools of mud, mudslides, military style obstacles, and a test of sanity, we would draw near the end of the race, bleeding, bruised, and pale.  We jumped over the pits of fire, swam through the last mud pool and celebrated our victory.  It was definitely a bonding experience and I recommend that anyone who wants to build their confidence and challenge themselves needs to enter this race.  The Warrior Dash is coming back to this area in August…you may just see us there (if we’re crazy enough to do it again)



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