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Written by: Vida Michelle Orellana/ Contact: graciasgod@yahoo.com –

The problem – If there were no prize, would you compete?
Faced with a Season where the NCAA violations denied OSU Football the opportunity of competing in the Big Title game or any Bowl game, and knowing that the only championship they could win was the Leaders Division, OSU went a step above being better, they’re only option? Be the best.

The strategy – Replace the opportunity for a prize with the opportunity for perfection.

With their current 10-0 standing and a perfect start this years team has the chance to do what can be harder than winning a Big Ten game, or a Bowl, the chance for a perfect regular season. Only ten previous Ohio State teams have been undefeated and untied during regular seasons, and only five previous teams have finished the post season without a loss or a tie. The biggest prize of all is right in front of them. Only the two toughest games stand in the way. OSU @ Wisconsin on Saturday, and OSU vs. rival Michigan at home on November 24th, with ironically the opportunity to reach the 12-0 goal, and beat their archrival existing on the same day. Even with all this on the line, life at OSU Football is one game at a time, last week it was Illinois, this week it’s Wisconsin, next week it’s Michigan.

The obstacles – New Coach, new staff, makes for a new team.

Heightening the stakes was the fact that Urban Meyer is in his first year, and with the odds stacked against him, and his team, the idea for a season where the fans kept an interest would have proven successful for some, but not in this case and not for this team. The Coach Meyer era is just beginning, and the first year is already scheduled to be a classic. Although there is no Title, or Bowl, the benefits are available, and are being lived out and taught, leaving an impression and a lesson with the younger players about who, and what to play for, and how to handle adversity–with style.

Coming from a school that has won 34 Big Ten Championships, 17 National Championships, and 7 Rose Bowls, OSU Football stays true to the Champions they are, prize or no prize.

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